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Cutting-edge spraying technology for a well-known automotive supplier

Innovative outlook on the mould spraying technology of tomorrow

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Foundry-Planet recently went on an informative day trip to GERLIEVA Sprühtechnik GmbH to explore the latest technologies in spray systems and their practical applications in modern die casting. A renowned French automotive supplier had recently comprehensively modernized a high-performance IDRA casting machine with a capacity of 2,200 tons. This machine required a specialized spray system with a mold-adapted spray head, for which GERLIEVA developed a customized solution.

Technological Innovation through SINUMERIK ONE
The integration of the SINUMERIK ONE controller into the new generation of GERLIEVA mold spraying systems marks a significant advancement in the operation and networking of foundry equipment. This advanced control technology facilitates maintenance condition monitoring and optimizes the connection of multiple machine units within a production facility. Compared to its predecessor, the SINUMERIK 840 DSL, the SINUMERIK ONE offers a remarkable improvement in terms of user-friendliness and efficiency.

Innovation in Spray Head Technology
The automotive supplier required a versatile spray head that could produce both right and left die-cast parts. GERLIEVA then developed a revolutionary, reversible spray head, eliminating the need for two separate spray heads and saving the customer approximately 30,000 euros.

Advantages of the Telescopic Design Mold Spraying System
GERLIEVA's proven height-reduced telescopic design mold spraying system is particularly well-suited for the spatial constraints in foundries. This design not only increases load capacity and dynamics but also features an innovative torque-limiting system that minimizes potential damage to the mold and spray head, drastically reducing downtime.

Adaptability, Manufacturing Depth, and Demonstration
GERLIEVA is distinguished by its ability to implement last-minute changes during acceptance processes. With over 90% in-house manufacturing depth, the company can flexibly and quickly respond to customer requests. Additionally, GERLIEVA has a demonstration machine used not only for demonstrations but also for intensive customer training of operating and maintenance personnel.

Cleaning and Maintenance: Efficiency by Design
For optimal maintenance of spray heads, GERLIEVA has developed a special rinsing and testing system. This allows quick and thorough cleaning by connecting the spray heads to a system that uses hot water and cleaning agents. This process takes between 30 and 60 minutes, enabling employees to perform other important tasks during this time. Additionally, each spray head is tested afterward for any malfunctions or leaks to avoid downtime of the die-casting machine.

Retrofitting: Extending Machine Lifespan
In an era where sustainability and cost management are crucial, GERLIEVA's retrofitting service presents a valuable option. This measure can extend a machine's lifespan by years, providing an economically sustainable solution for foundries worldwide.

Spare Parts and Customer Service
GERLIEVA has an extensive inventory of spare parts, meaning customers can generally expect prompt delivery of their needed parts.

We thank the entire GERLIEVA team for the invitation and the interesting insights. Visit GERLIEVA Sprühtechnik GmbH and experience the future of spray technology in the foundry industry firsthand. Be inspired by innovative solutions and discover how you can optimize your production processes. Schedule an appointment with GERLIEVA today and see for yourself their expertise and commitment to the highest quality.


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