CZ - Škoda Transportation builds new manufacturing and testing facility

Škoda Transportation has started to build a new manufacturing and testing facility in Pilsen, Czech Republic, which will lead to more than 1,000 new jobs. The company has planned an investment exceeding CZK800m ($35.4m) this year and next year.


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With this investment, the Pilsen production line will be expanded to include new facilities for the manufacture of undercarriages.

Škoda Transportation Investments and Asset Management VP Pavel Novák said: “Škoda will use these new facilities for welding, paint shop and blasting boxes. The machines will be at a really high technological level – we will build, for example, a new modern robotic workplace for welding. The production capacity will also be enhanced with, for example, computer-controlled machining tools costing approximately CZK80m ($3.54m).”

Another area of investment in Škoda Pilsen is the construction of a new testing facility for vehicles and components.

Novák added: “The testing of vehicles and their components is one of the key factors in today’s transport industry, and we will continue to grow in this area as Škoda’s range and overall production do so as well. A new, state-of-the-art testing facility will be built, which will include, for example, a prototype workplace designed for testing new types of vehicles.”

The investment project includes the construction of a new transport system in the main Pilsen complex for CZK320m ($14.2m). It will feature a new test tracks connection to the production facility or the local rail line. These investments are expected to lead to the recruitment of new personnel.

In January, Škoda Transportation signed a CZK8bn ($349.1m) contract to deliver 45 six-car metro trains for Warsaw.