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Daimler might choose Poland over Russia for new plan

Daimler is weighing Poland instead of Russia as a location for a new Mercedes-Benz car factory, according to some reports.

In its quest to the top of the luxury market, Mercedes-Benz plans to push for a further growth in sales, a strategy that needs to be backed up by a new plant. Back in January, Daimler’s CEO Dieter Zetsche said he remains optimistic over Russia’s market perspectives and Daimler is still determined to build a plant in the country to further support the expanding of the Mercedes-Benz brand. But, as prospects of the Russian auto market are on the same backwards trend as the country’s economic situation, other options also have to be taken into consideration. Some recent reports in the Polish and German press said the German automaker was now considering building the new car factory in Jawor in southwest Poland, a site over which Jaguar Land Rover had also reflected about before ultimately going to Slovakia. The reports are pointing out that the facility will be used for building real-wheel-drive high-end models, based on the MRA modular architecture.

In its expansion strategy, it seems that Daimler also includes an engine plant in Poland, and a decision is expected to be announced by the end of this month, according to reports. In the premium segment race, BMW outsold Mercedes in February, but the three-pointed start brand is in the lead for the first two months combined, with Audi trailing in the third spot.


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