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DataProphet announces strategic alliance with pour-tech AB bringing Artificial Intelligence to Europe's foundries

DataProphet, a world leader in artificial intelligence in industrial production, has entered into a strategic alliance with pour-tech AB. Together with the specialist for automatic casting systems for iron foundries, practical AI systems will be brought to European foundries.

The partnership will allow existing and new customers of pour-tech to take the quality and efficiency of their foundries to a new level with the help of AI.

Oliver Schmitz, Sales Manager of pour-tech AB: "Working with DataProphet gives us the opportunity to create a holistic view of operations - based on analog and digital data collected over many years. We can provide foundries with measurable productivity improvements resulting from the use of machine learning. According to this principle, we will transform foundries all over Europe. That's the goal of our partnership."

DataProphet has created a platform that brings the benefits of AI to the "shop floor" level in a practical way, using the deep learning methodology. The software works proactively - i. faster than real-time systems - and recommends the machine operator the optimal next action. This predictive, AI-based operation of the plants increases the number of extensions, reduces the error rate and increases the plant availability. It can be integrated into any industrial environment. This also gives a high degree of flexibility.

Frans Cronje, CEO of DataProphet: "We have developed a complete AI platform. Not only does it give users in the foundry industry the ability to significantly increase the productivity of mature technologies and existing equipment - without huge investment. "Together with pour-tech, Frans Cronje said, DataProphet will not only reach the production-relevant KPIs of the mutual customers but still surpass it.

DataProphet is on a rapid course of expansion and has recently entered into partnerships with partners in Europe, North America and South America. Further cooperation with companies in America and Europe, but especially in Asia, is planned.

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