Daubert Cromwell: Anti-Corrosion Packaging Featured at Cast Expo 2013

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An expanded selection of anti-rust packaging and rust removing liquids will be demonstrated at Daubert Cromwell’s Booth 761 during Cast Expo, April 6-9, 2013, in St. Louis.

The exhibit will showcase VCI packaging that prevents corrosion on iron, steel, and ferrous metal parts during storage and shipment. Safe, effective, and environmentally friendly, Daubert Cromwell packaging offers a clean, dry alternative to messy and expensive coatings or ineffective methods such as desiccants or plain barrier wrap.

Daubert Cromwell’s papers, films, liquids, and devices use formulations developed over 75 years of serving metalworking industries. The proprietary corrosion inhibitor chemistry acts as a barrier between the metal surface and corrosion-causing contaminants, such as moisture, salt, dirt, and oxygen. Wrapped parts stay clean and dry until ready for use. When removed from the packaging, parts are ready to use without further rework. Its VCI packaging is easy to use, odorless, non-hazardous, and recyclable.

New for Cast Expo, Daubert Cromwell will demonstrate Nox-Rust Premium Rust Removing Gel, a fast-acting, brush-on rust remover that clings to vertical metal surfaces.