Daubert Cromwell: Anti-Corrosion Packaging Protects Metals in Storage, During Export

Iron, steel, cast iron and ferrous metal parts stay corrosion-free for years when stored or shipped in VCI packaging from Daubert Cromwell GmbH.  The European-based company will display a wide selection of its corrosion inhibitor packaging products at the International Iron-Steel, Foundry and Non-Ferrous Metals Technology, Machinery & Products Trade Fair, 13-16 September in İstanbul.  
Using formulations developed over 75 years, Daubert Cromwell GmbH supplies metalworking industries with safe, effective, and environmentally friendly packaging for protecting components and assemblies in storage and during export. It is a clean, dry alternative to messy and expensive coatings or ineffective methods such as desiccants or untreated barrier papers.  
The proprietary layer of corrosion inhibitor chemistry as a barrier between the metal surface and corrosion-causing contaminants, such as moisture, salt, dirt, and oxygen. Wrapped parts stay clean and dry until ready for use. When removed from the packaging, parts are ready to use without further rework.   
In addition, the VCI packaging is easy to use, odorless, non-hazardous, and recyclable.

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