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Die-Casters Get together to Meet the Coming Spring in Shanghai China

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2009 China Die Casting Top Forum & 30th Anniversary Celebration of Shanghai Die Casting Technology Association has been successfully held on Aug.30 in  Shanghai China. The development of Shanghai die-casting is the miniature of  China die casting development, so the establishment of Shanghai  die-casting technology association can be viewed as a wave of the tide of opening up, it finally ushered it 30-year-old's birthday by concentrating the generation’s wisdom and sweat and give off the fragrance.

The attendees come from all the parts of China has come one after another gathered at the conference, they came from Beijing, Tianjin, Inner Mongolian, Chongqing, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, they exchanged their opinion in a happy and harmonious way. Among them there were not only the young die casters but also the senior generation which the first initiator of the die casting industry. The five initiators started the die casting industry during the last century now they are at their 90s.

Mr. Zhou shaojie, vice secretary general of Shanghai die casting technology association and CEO of China die casting web hosted the conference, Mr. Li Pinzhang, Chairman of the association delivered an opening speech, who on behalf of the association expressed his depth respect and thankfulness to the five initiators for their many years engaged in the foundation work of the industry, and the previous chairmen of the association unremitting efforts, as well as the long time support and assistance of those people in or outside the industry. During the conference, the five initiators of the association are awarded the Lifetime Contribution prize; two senior specialists are awarded the special contribution prize.

The 2009 China Die-Casting Top Forum & the 30th Anniversary Celebration of Shanghai Die-casting Technology Association was grandly opened in Shanghai Wumao building on Aug.30, which hosted by Shanghai die casting technology association and China Die Casting Web, co-organized by Shanghai Die Casting Technology Information Co., Ltd. and sponsored by Hong Kong L. K. Group. With the purpose of confirmation the past and looking into the future, inspiring, to revive confidence for reuniting all the casters, the conference finally raised the curtain in the atmosphere of jubilant and festive.

The secretary general of the Branch of China foundry association, and secretary general of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, Mr. liu Xiangshang, initiator of Hong Kong L.K. group respectively delivered the opening speech. Secretary General of Shanghai die casting technology association retrospected the three decade development of the association, he said “Companied by China’s opening up and reform implementation, Shanghai die-casting technology association has past the three-decade. It is increasingly developed under the opening up and reform policy with the spirits of pioneer and innovation, practice.  The association engaged in development of domestic and international technology exchange, scientific and technological consulting services. The publication of books and thesis, the exhibition and die-casting and technical classes regularly hosted, which has now development the great number of group members and individual members.  It strives for making itself the “The Home of the Members”. It will continue to dedicate itself on contribution to the international and domestic die-casting development. It is believed that the China will be transformed from the big country of die-casting to a strength country.

The company leaders of the below companies has addressed during the conference: President of Japan Light Metal AL Communication Corp. Assistant Secretary-General of China Auto Industry Association President of China Auto Parts & Accessories Corp General Director & Chief Representative of China & U.S. Automotive Industry Action Group  Chairman of Guangdong Die Casting Association & Wen Can Die-Casting Corp Secretary General of Chongqing Foundry industry assocaiton  Chairman of Ningbo Beilun Mould Association

The speakers gave the comprehensive analysis of the industry’s development from all directions, which showed the strong perspective for the development of the industry after experiencing the financial crisis. The thoughts of all the speakers can be integrated into one outlook that is: the China’s economic will be process normally and the die casting industry will be progress soundly.  The top forum has implemented its function of “confirmation the past, look into the future, establishment bridge of relationship, promote the industry’s exchange, increasing the industry’s confidence in working, which is remarkable for all the attendees.

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