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Digital Application and Intelligent Development of High Efficient Die Casting Manufacturing in China

As the industry’s trend indicator, CHINA DIECASTING & CHINA NONFERROUS have been growing together with the Chinese non-ferrous alloy casting industry for over 20 years, bringing new vitality and creativity into the industry confidently and persistently with technology and wisdom. Nowadays, Chinese die casting industry has entered a new era of adjustment and upgrading. The new requirements from 3C and 5G telecom industry, new applications of structural parts, new energy vehicles, building templates keep stimulating the development of die casting technologies, semi-solid casting, squeeze casting and other new processes. Digitization, automation, and intelligence are also positively and profoundly motivating the industry with challenges and opportunities.

The next edition of CHINA DIECASTING and CHINA NONFERROUS will be held on 15th -17th of July, 2020 in Shanghai New International Expo Center. As the global leading service platform, the exhibitions connect China and overseas market, provide business and market opportunities to the industry, promoted mutual learning, interchange and intellectual development. CHINA DIECASTING 2020 and CHINA NONFERROUS 2020 will once again showcase the solutions of whole die casting industry chain and lead the development trend of the industry into the future.

With the upgrading of smart workshops and e-information applications, the intelligent manufacturing has become a new method for enterprises to improve the management, as well as for full transformation and emerging markets exploration. The upcoming exhibition will showcase the intelligent solutions of modern die casting manufactories from the following aspects:

  • Upgrade and development of intelligent die casting equipment
  • Digital application of die casting production and management
  • Full process optimization and cost reduction of die casting factory

The 15th China International Die Casting Congress
The 15th China International Die Casting Congress will be held in Shanghai on July 13-14, 2020. The industry experts, scholars and key players from die casting, nonferrous alloys and special casting industry at home and abroad will be invited to predict future development trend and share the most cutting-edge innovation and technologies on the basis of the present industry status and academic dynamics.

Industry Prospects
The organizer will invite the leading die casting enterprises and automotive OEMs to discuss the hot topics and scenarios such as digital and intelligent applications in die casting manufactory and automotive industry. In addition, the cast-study sharing of current mainstream technologies and upgrading in production, boosting digital die casting production have become a new engine of industry growth.

  • The 15th China International Die Casting Congress
  • The 6th International Symposium on Nonferrous Alloys and Special Casting Technologies
  • Digital Application and Intelligent Development of High Efficiency Die Casting Manufacturing 
  • Auto-Tech Day - Lightweight Development & Intelligent Application

Innovation and Support
The onsite events “Best Die Casting Competition” and “Innovative Products & Technologies Release Conference” will cover up and down streams of the industry to encourage the original technologies and support startup SMEs. These events help the startup companies to strengthen the capabilities and market competitiveness by providing innovative solutions.

  • Best Die Casting Competition
  • Innovation Day - Release Conference - Innovative Products & Technologies 
  • “Wings of Hope” Area for Startups   

Report for China Die-casting 2019:

  • 36.000 m² Exhibition Area 
  • 451 Exhibitors with 10% YoY Growth and 22% Foreign Exhibitors
  • 18,671 Trade Visitors from 47 Countries / Areas with 15% YoY Growth
  • 7 Theme Day Events, 3 Featured Display Areas, 2 Overseas Pavilions
  • 451 Exhibitors from 18 Countries and Regions (China, Japan, Germany, USA, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, UK, France, Spain, Denmark, Latvia, South Korea, Czech Republic, Canada, Austria, Taiwan (China), Hong Kong (China)

Overseas Visitors (Top 10 Countries and Regions)
Germany, USA, Italy, India, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan (China) , Hong Kong (China)

Exhibitor Assessment

Bühler China
This is the 22nd year that Bühler has joined CHINA DIECASTING. Time is the best witness to the growth of each other. Focusing on the theme of “Development and Diversity of High-end Die Casting Manufacturing Technology”, Bühler was invited to join in the preparation and onsite release of “White Paper on Manufacturing Technology of Die Casting Structural Parts”. Particular die casting parts for 5G communication produced by high-end series CARAT die casting machines were showed onsite. With the latest products and technologies, the FUSION series die casting machines and intelligent SmartCMS cell management system, demonstrated unique concept and technical solutions to the visitors. It’s the future of digital cell management system for die casting.

Therefore, we are very grateful for the support from FICMES and NürnbergMesse China, and the successful exhibition. Bühler also hopes to strengthen the cooperation with excellent platforms for the development of the industry.

GF Casting Solutions (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. 
Thanks to the organizer for providing such a great platform in the finished CHINA DIECASTING, which allowed us to give a good showcase in the past 3 days. It was a great idea to showcase the parts together wth AIWAYS, which brought huge attention to GF’s products. The newly launched PSC Plan was perfect, and the CID Assistant on wechat is considerate to provide professional support. The Automotive Lightweight Development Forum invited foreign consulting organizations to share the development of the aluminum and magnesium alloys in die casting industry. The topic of the 5G communication was also very fresh in the market.

For more info, please contact:

Tony Zhuang NürnbergMesse China Ltd. 

Mario Bethge 

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