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Do not fear inoculation failure anymore: SERT-INOCHECK is here to monitor in-stream inoculation for you

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Both foundry producers and foundry customers need to be confident that no defective parts can slip through quality controls. In stream inoculation is a tricky part of the pouring process, and moulds that are not properly inoculated may be responsible for a long series of scraps before being detected. .

You cannot afford to feel doubtful. Today, an innovative system is here to help: SERT INOCHECK checks that in-stream inoculation is properly operated for each and every mould poured.

Whenever there is a lack of inoculant in the stream, an alarm is immediately triggered (inoculant is absent or mis-aligned, or flow is too weak, or feeding time is too short).

This alarm can even be used to stop the moulding line. And what’s more, the system stores the images, for immediate and/or later use.

During production, any mould alarmed can be “replayed” to help the operator understand the cause for the alarm and decide on immediate corrective action.

And during production stop, the whole data base can be read and statistical results processed with a specific software. It was those benefits in serenity, quality, and traceability that persuaded Brazilian SCHULZ and Spanish BETSAIDE and FAGOR to rely on INOCHECK.

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