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Draft VDMA Specification 24499

Efficient use of energy and resources as well as the CO2 footprint are gaining more and more importance in the foundry industry either concerning permit procedures required by the authorities or by optimisation of operational costs.

Die Casting cell
Photo: Bühler Druckguss AG

In order to compile an objective comparison of energy with physical data, the VDMA working group "Die casting Machines" has elaborated a standardised cycle for the measurement of power consumption.

Consistently ascertained operating figures regarding power (kWh/standardised cycle) for die casting machines are - amongst others - the basis for the optimisation of the total power consumption already during the planning stadium of a machine and help to plan the entire complex cost and energy optimised.

The VDMA specification VDMA 24499 "Determination of machine-related power consumption of pressure metal die casting machines" describes a consistent process for the process of energy measurements, their framework and the documentation of the results, taking into account both, the interests of the manufacturers and the users.

By standardised determined operating figures regarding energy, the customer is able to evaluate the power consumption of die casting machine of different manufacturers. The data on power consumption indicated in the past was not comparable due to lack of a defined standardised measuring cycle.

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