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Drei-S-Werk has relocated

New perspectives for a company rich in tradition

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The long-established company Drei-S-Werk founded 150 years ago in Schwabach, Bavaria as a manufacturing workshop has relocated for the first time in its history. The new location of the leading standard precision parts manufacturer is Neuendettelsau in Bavaria’s Ansbach county.

Managing director Till M. Schmauser

According to managing director Till M. Schmauser, who is the third generation of the Schmauser family managing the company, the good conditions for industrial premises and infrastructure available to the expanding medium-sized company at the new location were deciding factors for the company’s move. There was never a doubt that the company would stay in Germany, as Till M. Schmauser states. “Quality is our competitive advantage. Drei-S-Werk is a frequent pioneer in introducing new technologies, two important requirements of which are consistent employee policies and short internal processes.”

The number of employees has increased from 120 to 150 in the last three years. During the same period Drei-S-Werk trained an average of 25 apprentices each year. The company currently has an export ratio of around 45 percent.

About Drei-S-Werk

Drei-S-Werk (“Schwabacher Spinnereinadel und Stahlspitzenwerk Fr. Reingruber KG”) was founded in 1850 as a manufacturing workshop for textile pins. The manufacturing workshop has since developed into a medium-sized family run industrial company. The precision sector of operations has been providing standard parts to the machine and motor manufacturing industry since 1940.

Modern production includes punches for cutting and punching tools, ejector pins and sleeves, core pins for injection moulds, pressure moulds and die-casting moulds, measuring pins for the quality inspection and manufacturing departments and a wide variety of other precision, ground and moulded parts. These can be made according to precision standards or for individual customer needs.

Drei-S-Werk is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers in this market sector and the market leader for ejector and measuring pins. The company broke ground as the first manufacturer of ejector pins anywhere in Europe, paved the way for the previous DIN 1530 standard and was a pioneer of the nitridisation technologies commonly used in the market today.

Drei-S is both producer and retailer for system and specialist dealers as well as end customers. Managed for three generations by the same family, today the company employs 150 workers. Furthermore, Drei-S-Werk’s second operative sector, “pinning” is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pin-strip systems for gill boxes and combing machines.




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