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Druckguss Service Deutschland - GIFA Review

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We hope you all enjoyed your summer vacation.

Since summer holidays now end in most of the enterprises, we do not want to miss to thank you for the numerous attendance at the GIFA in Duesseldorf.

The resonance positively surprised us. It made us happy that we aroused so much interest with you.

Druckguss Service Deutschland GmbH Druckguss Service Deutschland GmbH

Our main exhibit was the 900 t machine of the company ZITAI, which we used to emphasize our cooperation with our Taiwanese partner regarding sales and service in the European market.

Who could not throw an intensive view of this machine due to the large crush, then the possibility exists of retrieving this here in Luebeck.

For an optimized production process, we also exhibited several innovations at the GIFA.

Shot Sleeve Extraction Device, DieHandling or the project onlineFoundry, all those were products which were unique at the GIFA. The requests which we have received, confirm that we will work harder in the field of process optimisation. Shortly you will see these innovation in a short simulation on our website (<link http:>

The GIFA was for our team a completely special fair and we look back to eventful, interesting and simply beautiful fair days. If you did not make it to the GIFA or you did not get the necessary attention while visiting us, you can request extensive documentation by contacting us.

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