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Foundry Corporate News - Topic Pressure Die Casting - GIFA 2019

druckguss service deutschland GmbH: Leading the way in the service

Treat your machine a regenerative holiday at the Baltic Sea!

The company Druckguss Service Deutschland GmbH, specializes in the service of die casting machines, offers this kind of special "holiday" for your machine.

Whether your machine will come to us to the Baltic Sea for a complete or a part overhaul of individual components (toggle systems, machine platen, etc.), we can say that you are in the best hands with us in Lübeck. Situated as a manufacturer of die casting machines with a high vertical integration, we can guarantee a “relaxing” stay for your machine mechanically, hydraulically and electrically.

But also on other solutions for the diecasting industry are worked on here as well. We are combining customer needs with the highest technologies, to design innovations from practice for practice. The specially designed Shot Sleeve Extraction Device has been successfully used in several foundries.

Even if the north of Germany is very beautiful and we can do anything for your machine here, so are we also specialized in the on site services, which will save time and money.

In addition to the service assembly for maintenance, repair and troubleshooting on the machine, we can offer the following mobile service options:

  • Mobile milling of platen, no dismantling and shipping of platen needed. The downtime of the machine is reduced to a minimum. Likewise, you can save time and money by mobile spindles of jacks as well.
  • Mobile overhaul of toggle systems on site
  • Mobile brush plating can repair piston rods on site
  • Our certified welding technologies are feasible on site
  • New to the range of mobile services is the FARO Laser Tracker, which accurately measures the geometries of your machine.

To the GIFA we will bring our ideas around the die casting machine with a small piece of the Baltic Sea. You will be surprised in Hall 11 at Stand E60!

For transport of forms/dies within the foundry and to store them, we have designed the formhandling device. Whether drawn or self-propelled, whether the forms now weigh 5 or 60 tons, the formhandling device transports safely forms/dies from the machine to its storage place and back.

The favorite among the innovative ideas of Druckguss Service Deutschland GmbH is the controlled shot which can be retrofitted to ANY machine. In conjunction with EcoDrive from our partner Parker Hannifin, it can even produce energy efficient with your die casting machine.

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