The Brynavon Group has acquired AFS Corporate Member Effort Foundry, Inc. in Bath, Pennsylvania.

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Effort Foundry, Inc. has been in business since 1971 and produces castings for pumps, valves, power generation, and general industrial application in a wide variety of alloys including steel, stainless, ni-based, ductile iron, and gray iron.

Charles D. Hamburg, majority owner of Effort Foundry, Inc., will retire after owning and being the CEO of Effort Foundry, Inc., since 1991. He will remain active with Effort as a board of directors member. William Easterly has been president of Effort Foundry, Inc. since 2005 and will continue in that position under new ownership.

Brynavon was founded by George B. Lemmon, Sr. in 1973 with the initial acquisition of Redmond Motors, a division of the Singer Company. Brynavon partners with management teams to acquire small- to medium-sized companies operating in the manufacturing and service sectors.