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EHP: Energy saving with weighing technology

Next step to "Foundry 4.0" with EHP crane scales

Foundries in particular have immense potential to benefit from the diverse “IoT” opportunities of the future. In our industry, fast processes, strict monitoring of product development and avoidance of work hazards when dealing with hot material are important.

The crane scale and load cell manufacturer EHP Wägetechnik from Buehl in Germany is now taking the next step into this future in order to make its customers' processes “smarter”.

For decades, the company has been offering weighing solutions especially for foundries, such as a heat-protected crane scale that can be used to weigh material that is up to 1,600 ° C and to transport it safely. The innovative product portfolio also includes wireless transmission of the weighing data to different receiving units.

The intelligent crane scale communicates with the other machines in the foundry
"We are currently developing an intelligent crane scale in close cooperation with crane manufacturers and our long-standing customers, which can also communicate with other machines in the foundry," says company owner Albert Friedmann.

This opens up an unprecedented number of innovation opportunities for the customer: "EHP crane scales will be used in the future control the filling volume of the melting crucibles independently or dose the feedstocks more efficiently when classifying them, ”explains Technical Director Markus Ebel.

The energy saving that results from the optimization of the foundry processes is also one of the declared goals of the Baden company.

Rethinking safety
"Safety aspects can be rethought, since no worker has to act in the immediate vicinity in the case of dangerous casting processes," emphasizes Development Manager Timo Oberle.

This means that the crane scale becomes the central starting point for successively optimizing processes, making them safer and more efficient. Each foundry can then individually determine which processes they want to automate and in what level of detail.

EHP Weighing Technology is looking for a non-binding exchange with foundries and industrial companies that are thinking about automating their weighing processes in order to clarify individual requirements here. Get in touch by email at info(at) and ask your questions.

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