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Elkem strives continuously to introduce innovations into the foundry industry through the development of new alloys and alloying solutions. Our Technical Customer Service team works with our customers to improve process metallurgy though alloy optimisation and training, thus meeting and exceeding the increasing quality demands and narrowing of specification limits of the end users of castings.

Lamet® nodulariser
After extensive research and application testing, Elkem introduced Lanthanum containing Lamet® nodulariser  for the ladle treatment of ductile iron.
The use of lanthanum in in-the-mould alloys has been well known for many years, yet the transfer of this technology to ladle and flow-through applications has only recently been appreciated and the benefits understood. Lamet® provides high nodule count and offers a cost effective alternative MgFeSi product technology.
Thermal analysis data support the metallographic findings of significantly reduced tendency for chill and shrink formation when using the pure lanthanum bearing MgFeSi nodularizer alloy in a ladle treatment process.
The pearlite content is up to 50% reduced versus pure cerium alloys.

Lamet® Unique Features:
Lamet® provides very high nodule count.
Lamet® provides low chilling tendency and helps provide thin section castings free from carbides.
Lamet® promotes a skewed nodule distribution that effectively minimises the shrinkage tendency.
Lamet® offers a cost effective alternative to FSM grades with higher RE levels.

CASE Study : LAMET® - eliminating shrinkage

All ductile iron foundries suffer from shrinkage or micro-porosity problems in one form or another. In some cases, this is controlled by over-risering of castings, thus increasing the cost and reducing the casting yield, in other cases some micro-porosity is accepted.
This case study shows the effect on shrinkage found on this complex cast¬ing comprising both thin and thicker sections. The foundry had a persistent problem with micro-shrinkage in the area indicated by the arrow. When Lamet® ladle grade was applied, the shrinkage disappeared. In both cases 0.9% FSM was added.

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