Elmelin would like to wish all Foundry planet readers a very happy New Year

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Happy New Year!

We thank you for your continued support and would like to remind you of the benefits of working with us. Elmelin are a specialist insulation company making Mica slip plane materials and composite insulation tiles using Microporous insulation.

Elmelec Mica is a dedicated product line designed specifically for the foundry industry to provide the best slip plane possible. Some products on the market are designed originally for electrical insulation and contain more glass cloth than Mica. While these will do the job, you are not paying for Mica but glass. To test this is easy, we would recommend you always make sure you get proper comparison test done on the quoted Mica in the products. We also have a range of safety lining in Mica, Elmesh, which is an early warning sensor and Vapourshield, which is a barrier to vapour deposition on furnace coils.

In terms of health and safety most of you will be aware that the Globally Harmonised System for the Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) came into force on 1st June 2015. All suppliers and manufacturers were obliged to review and update their safety procedures and documentation to ensure conformance with these new regulations.  Elmelin chose to do this testing at the independent Fraunhoffer Institute in Germany. We are pleased to report that the results of both tests confirmed that Elmelins mica laminates are comfortably compliant with the required standards. This means that under GHS requirements our products do not require any further labelling, more importantly for our customers,  you do not need to take any further action under REACH regulations. Please remember as a reseller of these products you need to ensure the products you sell are compliant and that testing has been performed by a recognised third party. The main chemicals tested for would be Formaldehydes et al.

Elmtherm is a range of products based on solutions using the microporous board for the foundry industry. The solutions can either be from standard products or specifically customised to special applications. Microporous Insulation is a product perfectly designed to minimise heat transfer with heat transfer co-efficients as low at 0.04W/mK. We combine this with Mica and other insulation shields to provide superior insulation solutions for Ladles, Tundishes, Launders and furnaces.

We look forward to speaking to you in the coming weeks and months and helping you with your insulation and mica solutions.

Terry Hughes
Managing Director

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