Equipment that every foundry need: Weighing technology

FP on the road with customers, this time at EHP Wägetechnik GmbH in Bühl/GERMANY

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Thomas Fritsch, Chief Editor

Modern weighing technology is part of every foundry, no matter in which process it is active, and this places extraordinary demands on the equipment for measuring the weight of raw material, melt and end product in the special environment of the foundry.

For 42 years, EHP Wägetechnik in Bühl, Baden, has been active in the field of machine and plant control and to date has about 24,000 crane scales in use worldwide, making it one of the leading manufacturers, as Jan Friedmann and Markus Ebel from the management explain to us in conversation.

Weighing technology has been digital for a long time now, but it is now also integrated into the digital environment of the foundry. This means that the technology has to work precisely in coordination with the IT infrastructure, sometimes over a spatial distance, under the most difficult environmental conditions (temperature up to 1600*).

In close contact with their customers from all over the world, research, design, software and hardware development and production take place in-house at EHP.
In addition to new weighing equipment, the company also offers a wide range of services. This ranges from consulting to calibration and adjustment (also for other brands), maintenance and repair.
With all services at EHP, the openness and friendliness of the acting actors and employees is convincing in addition to the great experience. Many thanks for the interesting insights into the world of weighing technology at EHP in Brühl.


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