euroLITE – trade meeting for lightweight constructions with high categorisation

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Stuttgart/Salzburg – From June 24th to 26th, 2008, Messe Salzburg (Austria) will be the international meeting point for the lightweight construction industry. About 150 exhibitors from ten countries will present innovative solutions for lightweight construction in the automotive, aerospace, machine construction, rail transport, boat and yacht building fields. The theme parks join and connect as well as surface technology will offer information. The 3-day euroLITE lightweight construction forum organised by the Landshut Lightweight Construction Cluster will round up the program of the international trade fair for lightweight construction.

As the only trade fair in Europe, euroLITE gives information about the whole spectrum of lightweight construction. The range of products of about 150 exhibitors from ten countries covers tools for the development, construction and simulation as well as prototype and model construction, materials, manufacturing technologies and serial production, the joining technique as well as surface treatment, systems and processes for component tests, services and research. In these subject areas, different market leaders as well as numerous local and foreign medium-sized and small firms will offer new solutions for the implementation of lightweight construction ideas from June 24th to 26th, 2008 in Salzburg (Austria). euroLITE’s extensive range facilitates targeted and efficient contact establishment to constructors, development engineers, designers, production managers and purchasers as well as decision makers in management.

Innovative developments from simulation up to serial production
At Simulia Abaqus Austria’s stand for instance, it involves the simulation of physical performance of lightweight systems and components. In the field of materials, the exhibitors’ range includes lightweight construction metals, plastics, fibre-reinforced plastics, composites, cellular materials and nano materials.  Alcan Composites will introduce an innovative composite material which enables up to 1000 kg lighter trunk assembly.  At Bayer MaterialScience’s stand, Polyurethan-Systems Bayflex® 180 from which the light rear bumper of AUDI R8 is manufactured, will be presented. Kraiburg will be presenting a new material compound which extends the limits of usage of fibre-reinforced plastic. Through the direct combination with rubber, certain qualities and some weaknesses of CFK for instance, can be improved selectively. If it involves manufacturing technology, the Leichtmetallkompetenzzentrum Ranshofen (LKR) offers solutions which meet the rising – partially conflictive – demands for an innovative vehicle structure with reference to dimension, rigidity, stability, crash, corrosion and fatigue.  The <link _top>Salzburger Aluminium Group (SAG) will also present an innovative manufacturing procedure with thixocasting. With it, geometrically complex lightweight components can be produced without subsequent mechanical handling and hence achieve cost cutting. The different exhibits such as the front module of a railcar made of aluminium foam sandwich or the pressure dome of the A350 made of carbon fibre-reinforced plastic will cause a stir.

Theme parks join and connect as well as surface technology
New materials and manufacturing technologies often require new solutions in joining and connecting.  For instance, resistance spot welding, clinch and punch riveting technology as well as jamming are among the new solutions about which the euroLITE theme parks will inform as well as about surface technology.

euroLITE lightweight construction forum – a lot of know-how and new impulses
Just like last year, the Landshut Lightweight Construction Cluster is organising a three-day lightweight construction forum. Recognised experts will give speeches and inform about new developments and current trends in the area of construction, materials and manufacturing technologies. Participation in the lightweight construction forum is free for euroLITE visitors.

Further information, a preliminary list of exhibitors and the possibility of registering in advance for participation in the lightweight construction forum can be found online under <link http:>