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EuroMold 2007 sets high standards with several special themes

<font size="2">EuroMold, trendsetting World Fair for Moldmaking and Tooling, Design and Application Development, will take place from December 5-8, 2007 for the 14th time. Dr.-Ing. Eberhard Döring, Exhibition Management of EuroMold says: „It´s not about reacting on trends but to place them and therefore actively to create future. Only because EuroMold managed this in the past years, the trade fair got to extend its leading position.” This year, EuroMold offers several special themes, so visitors can inform themselves profoundly as well as experts, who will get an insight, which is a lot more than just a general overview. </font>

<font size="2">The special theme simulation (Hall 5.1, Stand A61) shows companies how to optimise their processes. By the use of simulation, costs can be reduced, procedures can be fastened up and the companies learn to work more efficiently. But since simulation software and services are generating costs as well, some companies hesitate and act very conservative.&nbsp; This is where the special theme simulation is applying. Problems are described, questions asked and possible applications given. Additionally the workshop simplifies the first steps of learning since interested visitors can test simulation software live twice a day. </font>

<font size="2">The special theme Virtual Reality (Hall 5.1, Stand B145) promotes an understanding of virtual product development. It´s about creating of a product step by step and detail by detail with a computer, so different variations can be tested until the perfect product is created. By the special theme simulation and the presentation of Virtual Reality hard- und software in a low prize level, small and medium-sized businesses shall be convinced of the virtual development of products. It´s a long way from the idea of a product to the point, when it can be launched on the market. Many questions must be answered and one of these is, of which material the product should be produced of. At this, some parameters are important: place of action, requests of the client, the addressed target group and of course the price. The special theme materials (Hall 6.1, Stand H129) offers more than a decision support. Several lectures about different subject areas are given, technical discussions conducted and different materials can be experienced. </font>

<font size="2">On the corporate stand „Materials – market of possibilities“ small and medium-sized companies present themselves and their products on a area of 200 qm. </font>

<font size="2">The design+engineering forum (Hall 6.1, Stand E30) addresses all visitors working directly or indirectly with this matter. Coming to this forum means leaving beaten tracks and being open minded enough to be inspired by lectures, round table talks and fresh ideas. The industry needs good designs for their products, because the market is getting more pretentious day by day. The question what is meant by good design can´t be answered in general, but one thing is clear by now, run-of-the-mill isn´t selling any more! Young designers with fresh ideas are wanted – they present themselves and their surprising ideas on the corporate stand “Design talents”, where they can also discuss with successful designers and interested companies about future projects. </font>

<font size="2">The special theme Medical Technology (Hall 6.1, Stand B130) is also dealing with new inspirations. Working in this branch means staying up to date. EuroMold supports that with this and offers several lectures about different themes and a bunch of information. New thesis, techniques and methods will be presented and their thematically embedding provides helpful approaches for successful working. </font>

<font size="2">The EuroMold concept “From Design to Prototyping to Series Production” doesn´t offer short-running impulses, but long time inspirations for daily working. </font>

<font size="2">On the exhibitors lecture forum (Halle 5.1, Stand C15) exhibitors, coming from all sectors of the process chain are invited to give a lecture about specific services, a new concept or the handling with it. Additionally there are some round table talks, where branch experts can talk over problems, ideas, or new products.</font>

<font size="2">Contacts are made or deepened, the comprehension for each other is growing and the basis for business contacts is made. The range of lectures goes from “advertising directly – winning profile” over “The Mold &amp; Die Center – network to success” to „techniques for simulation for seatdeveloping”. </font>

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