FerroČrtalič International- 50 years of excelence

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A well-known Slovenian company, FerroČrtalič has been a synonym for modern and advanced solutions in the field of surface treatment in different branches of industry for 5 decades. In particular, sandblasting with compressed air classifies the company among the most advanced companies in Europe and worldwide. The company has a strong foundation and keeps growing constantly and reliably; today, it is being enriched by the third generation of the Črtalič family.

Personal responsibility, care and professionalism are the company’s key values and are reflected in every stage of operations. It started in 1964, when a young, promising and experienced locksmith named Jože Črtalič outgrew his managerial career achievements and outlined his own private business. The first workshop in his garage in Grm in Novo Mesto was followed by a new one in Mačkovec. In the 1990s, when his son Bojan enthusiastically and with great vision took over active management of the company, the company moved to its current location at Sela in Dolenjske Toplice due to the need for bigger premises. The company is one of the few that really know how to properly prepare a clean surface within the tolerances and the prescribed roughness for further processes such as painting, gluing, gumming and many others. The company closely cooperates with various universities, institutes and development teams. FerroČrtalič has always been known as an extremely advanced, fast and innovative company that is home to irst-class knowledge. The excellent staff: management, engineers, technologists and designers and production workers were mainly “raised” in the company itself. Key personnel continually attend training programmes at home and abroad and transmit part of the knowledge to the network of business partners throughout the world. Good detection of customer challenges and clearly presented solutions in the form of know-how, these combined with carefully planned, modern equipped and accurately tested FerroČrtalič machines, are the advantages that are also respected by our competitors.

The existing automated and robotised equipment is used for research and development. The effects of the processes on different surfaces are monitored in the laboratory by means of measuring devices, microscopes, flow meters, pressure gauges and roughness measuring instruments, thus providing customers superior quality and optimum solutions. Research and development require the latest equipment, and Ferročrtalič is the leader in this field. They have set up one of the largest shot peening cells in Europe, which in addition to research also enables the implementation of a wide range of services in the field of shot peening, particularly for the aviation and automotive industries.

Sandblasting is not merely a machine, an abrasive and compressed air; it is a lot more. It is the arrangement of unique opportunities that integrate the knowledge and equipment into economically the best solution for the customer. Years of experience and know-how from different areas of surface treatment are combined into a turnkey surface treatment system. Many robotic and automated equipment manufactured in the FerroČrtalič company is used in the foundry and automotive industry – this applies particularly to the equipment which implements technology of blasting and dry-ice cleaning. A number of successful projects in the industry of household appliances further enrich the company offer with no geographical boundaries. Among other things, the company is specialized in sandblasting the interior of water heaters of various shapes and sizes. It also provides the optimal solution for enamel coating which represents the next step in the process. The solutions of the FerroČrtalič company can be implemented in var ous branches of industry. In addition, the company is also an indispensable business partner in a number of others industries, for example: metal, pharmaceutical, the industry of medical implants, advanced 3D printing, railway and many others.

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