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Reclamation of used sand instead of landfilling

The reuse of resources has always been a core competence of our foundries

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Do you still dispose your sand? In times of constantly rising costs for the disposal of used sand, landfilling and procurement of new sand, the reclamation of used sand to maintain competitiveness is increasingly becoming the focus of green sand foundries. In particular, the impending shortage of landfills and changes in landfill regulations are making it more difficult to dispose of the arising quantities of sand. An alternative already exists in the form of the reclamation of used sand.

Two well-known green sand foundries opted for a sand reclamation plant from HWS beginning of this year

Landfilling of used foundry sand is not a sustainable model for dealing with the valuable resource sand. This trend can threaten already today the economic viability of a site. In many green sand foundries, the issue of reclamation of used sand for reuse of the sand portion and reduction of disposal quantities has therefore already arrived. With our own mechanical reclamation process and reclamation test center, HWS offers a full service. The reclamation of used sand as a process to remove additives and binders from foundry sands is becoming more and more a part of the daily routine in a foundry. It is no question whether we can and want to reclaim, but when to start. The answer is provided by two well-known green sand foundries that, beginning of this year, opted for a sand reclamation plant from HWS almost at the same time, despite or perhaps because of the current challenging situation.

In the end, reclamation in green sand foundries closes one of the last open flanks in the material cycle that is highly efficient in many other respects. The reuse of resources has always been a core competence of our foundries. In this context, the use of used sand as a recyclable material is a way of improving economic efficiency and conserving natural resources. Furthermore, sustainability can be improved by increasing the recycling rate, reducing the volume of transport and expanding the use of material in the internal recycling system. It is obvious that the reclamation of used sand contributes to the long-term safeguarding of the site.

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