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Fondarex - Vacuum systems for pressure die-casting

As the worldwide leader in vacuum pressure die-casting FONDAREX® is continuously developing its products enabling customers to meet increasing demands through high standards of quality.

Clear quality improvements, reduction of scrap rate, optimal process control, possible die life extension, improved productivity and therefore significant economical improvements are all part of our main objectives.

FONDAREX® offers its customers specific solutions today, especially in the rapidly evolving structural casting process to which we already apply our latest technology with great success.

The highly competent team at FONDAREX® will assist you with vacuum system integration on both technical and process levels, therefore bringing your business objectives into sight.

Main features of the FONDAREX® vacuum systems:

HIGHVAC PREMIUM® vacuum unit

SUPERVAC® Vacuum valve

  • User friendly
  • High quality stainless steel construction
  • Standardised modular system
  • Touch screen Siemens control system
  • Vacuum applications with valve or chill bloc technology
  • Two independent controllable vacuum channels with regulation function
  • Independent pressure measurements within both vacuum channels
  • Independent pollution measurements within both vacuum channels
  • Profile control of air flow in chill bloc during dosing
  • Monitoring of evacuated air volume
  • Extensive numerical and graphical data acquisition
  • Data transfer via USB flash drive and/or Ethernet connection

Higher quality through vacuum

  • Beneficial for structural parts
  • Less porosity
  • Cleaner surfaces
  • Weldable
  • Surface treatable (chrome plating, Teflon coating etc.)
  • Heat treatable (T5, T6)
  • Increased density of cast parts
  • Facilitates casting of thin walled sections
  • Highly recommended for complex applications

Economy through vacuum

  • Reduction of scrap rate
  • No counter air pressure
  • Smoother cavity filling
  • Reduction of die-casting machine maintenance due to parameter optimization

More process safety through vacuum

  • Best possible die venting
  • Process monitoring through vacuum pressure die-casting values
  • Vacuum regulation function
  • Graphical representation of pressure curve per shot
  • Automatic profile and pollution control
  • Reduction of plunger velocity during the filling phase through perfect vacuum application
  • Evacuation of air and gases directly within the shot sleeve
  • Accurate documentation and storage of all relevant data through internal memory, USB flash drive and/or computer with Ethernet.

Consulting and service

Through many years of field experience, FONDAREX® is one of your most important partners when it comes to efficient, smart and economically viable solutions in vacuum pressure die-casting.

Extensive, comprehensive and reliable customer service is one of our top priorities! Our technical service team takes care of consulting, vacuum application studies, installations and trainings on site. Furthermore any questions regarding vacuum technology for pressure die-casting can be responded at any time by email, phone or during a visit.

Our very experienced engineers along with our worldwide after sales service, as well as our well- known representative network guarantees quick and reliable assistance.

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