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Foseco Expands European Testing Facilities

Molten metal testing facilities in Borken completed

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Foseco has completed a major expansion of its European molten metal testing facilities in Borken, Germany. This investment expands the melting, moulding and casting capabilities already established to allow industrial scale testing of products and processes to drive the new product development process.

Construction and planning of the 240 m2 facility was carried out by Foseco GmbH engineering department in conjunction with local engineering companies.

The new tandem induction furnace of 0.5 and 1 tonne melt capacity complements the existing smaller induction furnaces and facilitate the testing of applications for aluminium, iron and steel in under realistic casting conditions.

Mould and core making capabilities were also enhanced.

Hugh Kind,  Marketing & Technology Director for Foundry Europe commented,  “Foseco is committed to innovation and new product development so that we can deliver added value solutions to our customers.  This investment reflects that commitment by substantially improving our capabilities in research and development.”

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Foseco’s melting facilities at its R&D facilities in Borken, Germany

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