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FOSECO: Filtration and Gating Systems

SEDEX foundry filters

Especially in DISA foundries, slight changes to the gating system can  result in significant improved casting quality and metal saving for the foundry. Therefore Foseco will present new concepts for the design of DISA pattern plates.

The successful application of filters is always related to an adequate filter support which is granted by Foseco filter   prints.   Beside   Foseco´s   standard   filter   prints,   a   new   generation   of   filter   prints   has   been   developed extending the filter capacity in steel applications.

Nowadays, the application of ceramic foam filters is common practice  in foundries all over the world. This technique has proven billions of times. To meet customer requirements Foseco raised the challenge to make a good product even better. The latest generation of SEDEX provides considerable improvements in terms of flow rate, filter capacity and handling strength.

Furthermore a new centrifugal filtration unit extends the benefits of filtration to large iron and steel castings. Beside   the   advantages   of     filtration   such   as   reduction   of   casting   defects,   rework,   scrap   and   machining allowances, this compact HOLLOTEX CFU unit provides increased filtration capacity. This results in higher profitability of the foundry.

Foseco will present case studies and exhibits that will demonstrate clear advantages and new applications.

David Hrabina
European Application Manager Ferrous Foundries

Hall 3 – Stand D130 & E160

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