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Foseco - Latest Foseco DYCOTE range boosts productivity and extends die life

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Latest Foseco DYCOTE range boosts productivity and extends die life

DYCOTE DURA are the latest addition to Foseco’s extensive range of die dressings for aluminium foundries.

DYCOTE DURA are a range of two-part die dressings with a novel binder system and are available in a range of grain sizes to meet the different casting, surface finish and insulation requirements.

DYCOTE DURA is specially designed to minimise downtime and maximise productivity in aluminium gravity die applications and has been developed to work with standard mixing equipment and spray guns.

The novel binder system of DYCOTE DURA die dressings enhances the adhesive characteristics and erosion strength of the coating and an increase in lifetime by a factor of 3 is frequently possible. Extended coating life generates numerous benefits to the foundry including reduced downtime, labour and material savings associated with die preparation and touch-up. Less frequent cleaning by shot or sand blasting reduces die wear thereby extending die life.  Savings in labour and shot-blast materials are also achieved.

Photo: FOSECO ‘s latest addition of die dressing for aluminium foundries: DYCOTE DURA


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