Foundry Group launches first sustainability report

As one of the first in its industry, the foundry group BIRN Group has just released its very first sustainability report. The report is an initial step towards a more sustainable business model.

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The BIRN Group has just published its very first sustainability report. The report includes all the foundry group's companies, including BIRN in Holstebro, TASSO in Odense, ULDALL and VELAMP in Vejen, as well as KOCKUMS MASKIN in Sweden, BIRN Germany in Germany, and TASSO BERNAREGGI in Italy.

According to the report, BIRN in Holstebro has made good progress with the strategic focus on sustainability launched earlier this year for the entire foundry group. Despite an increased production of cast iron, BIRN managed to reduce natural gas consumption by a quarter last year, while one-third of the total electricity consumption has now transitioned to renewable energy.

- As one of the first foundries in the world, we once again assert our leading position by making sustainability a strategic area. It reflects the ambitious goals we have in the group, and at the same time, it should help us meet the increasing demands we face from our customers in terms of sustainability and social responsibility, says Group CEO, Claus Beier, who also mentions that it has not been an easy task to collect such a large amount of data:

- We have worked hard over the past year to identify the right areas to optimize our processes to minimize our climate footprint in the most efficient way possible. It has required some legwork, as well as aligning data across all our companies, which are specialists in their respective fields and therefore have diverse production methods. But it has been a good exercise for us, and we feel well-prepared as we will have even more parameters to measure in the coming year.

EU requirements create a new competitive parameter

New EU legislation will come into force next year, which will impose greater requirements on companies' sustainability reporting. BIRN Group will initially not be subject to the new legal requirements, but the vast majority of the foundry group's customers will. Therefore, the BIRN Group will be ready to help customers comply with the new legislation.

- With the new EU requirements, sustainability becomes a competitive parameter, and it is an area where we see an opportunity to differentiate ourselves in the market, for example by offering product specific EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) to our customers, which we expect to be able to provide as early as this year. We are among the preferred development partners for cast iron solutions in several industries, so our focus on sustainability will also significantly strengthen us in terms of counselling services, says Claus Beier.

BIRN Group is already well ahead in terms of circular economy, with a significant portion of the group's cast iron now consisting of recycled materials:

- The circular mindset is deeply embedded in everything we do. For example, 93 percent of the material used to produce cast iron in Holstebro consists of recycled material. So, it's safe to say that recycling and resource optimization are part of our DNA, concludes Claus Beier.

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