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Foundry Industry 2025 - Tomorrow's Challenges due to Changing Market Conditions

Despite fears about secular stagnation, the global economy remains robust.


Read the detailed report here:  China Foundry Association 2018

Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Büchner's lecture, "Foundry Industry 2025", given in Beijing on May 15th, 2018, examines the outlook for the entirety of the foundry industry by discussing major topics such as:

  • The macro-economic Environment
    • The US-Economy with high Trade Deficit
    • China: January with high Car Sales
    • Euro-Zone: Further Growth expected
    • Crude Oil: Geopolitical Disturbances - High Reliability of Supply
  • Trends in major Customer Markets
    • Mechanical Engineering: Slight Recovery in Europe, Growth in Asia
    • World Market for Electric Products and Electronics
    • Construction Sector: Further Growth Prospects
    • Production of Light Vehicles
    • CO2 Emmission Standards induce Improvements
    • Requirement of Nonconventional Technology
    • Production of Medium & Heavy Vehicles
  • E-Mobility: A Risk for the global Foundry Industry?
    • Forecast
    • Autonomous Driving
    • Cobalt, Lithium demand
    • Consequences
  • Future Development of global Foundry Markets
    • Iron, Steel with Modest Growth
    • Global Aluminum Cast Production Strengthens
    • Global Copper Casting increase
    • Trend toward finished castings
    • Strategic Challenges for Foundries

To read the lecture in detail with all graphs and information, please click here.

Read the detailed report here:  China Foundry Association 2018

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