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Foundry of the Week - Arizzi Fonderie San Giorgio S.p.A.

We are a foundry of grey and nodular cast iron with a strong predisposition for structural parts with mechanical purposes. Over 50 years of experience and the latest technologies allow Arizzi Foundry to achieve a high quality casting level. We cover a wide range of products such as water pumps, gearboxes, textile machineries, agricultural and warth mover machineries, energy treatment systems, military and defence – vehicles, with a requested batch from few parts to thousands.

Our Vision: a more effective high level casting with a lower environmental impact.

Our Main Cores:

  • Grey Graphite Cast Iron according to ISO EN 1561 and Ductile Graphite Cast Iron according to ISO EN 1563
  • The Certificate 3.2 according to ISO EN 10204:2004
  • The Quality Department empowered by means of 3D Laser Scanning, Adaptive Thermal Analysis System, Mechanical Test Benches, Chemical and Ultrasonic Analyses.
  • Quality Tools enabling supplier evaluation such as: PPAP, Control Plan, Process Flow.
  • The Technical Office able to perform both Foundry Simulations, stress test, and Mechanical Assessment exploiting the Finite Element Analyses. We encourage co-engineering and codeveloping for a fast and reliable solution, suited on the customer’s needs.
  • The Reverse Engineering is a regular activity for both dimensional checks on sampling and for the digitization of existing parts.
  • A Production Site realized in respect of the most common Standards in terms of Organization, Safety for the workers (ISO 9001, ISO 14001) and Green Oriented for a reduction of the Environmental Footprint (e.g. adoption of solar panels).

Other services are available: patterns manufacturing, renew or repair, shot blasting and sand blasting, heat treatment, rust proofing primers, machining, pre assembly packaging, logistic and forecast.

Manufacturing plant:

  • Sand Regeneration System with Hartley analyser;
  • Two Automatic high pressure moulding lines (“multiple plungers”): 1st 1600x1300xH 400+400, 2nd 650x850x H250+250.

Company Info

Arizzi Fonderie San Giorgio S.p.A.

Via Partigiani, 27
24021 Albino (BG)

Telephone: +39 035 752143
Telefax: +39 035 755235

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