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Foundry on Wheels Congress - 17th - 18th October 2019 - Agueda, Portugal

Main Topics: Advanced Materials and Technology - Product Development - Body in White

Foundry on Wheels - Bringing Automotive and Foundry Together

The event's main purpose is the promotion and the performance of initiatives and activities of Research, Development and Innovation in technology, notably in metallurgic fields, the promote and enhance the specialized training, the cooperation, and the technology transfer between companies, universities, organizations and other private and public entities aiming to increase RD&I capacity, the availability of qualified jobs, improvement of competitiveness and growth of turnover and exports of participants.

Research, Development and Innovation focus at this event is on lighter and stronger materials, connectivity and mobility, as well as process improvement.

Program Highlights:

  • Keynote Speaker - Pedro Lazarino, Commercial Director at Open/Vauxhall Europe
  • "Advanced Materials and Technology" - DISA Industries, IHS Markit, Maquard Consulting
  • "Product Development" - CEiiA, Clariant, Continental
  • "Body in White" - Kirchhoff, INEGI Institute, CaetanoBus
  • Porto Foundry Plant Tour
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