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Foundry-Planet on attendance at the dry-ice blasting unit manufacturer ASCOjet in Switzerland

Foundry-Planet has visited one of the leading dry-ice blasting unit manufacturers in their headquarters in Switzerland, to make up mind of their capability.

ASCOJET stands for the dry-ice blasting compartment ASCO carbon dioxide AG, which belongs to the Messer-Group for three years, which is known as a international agitating manufactured-gas company.

As a manufacturer of CO2-products and CO2- reclamation unit, as well as distributor of CO2- and cyrogen tanks and further equipment, ASCO is well grounded in carbon dioxide for over 89 years.

You will find this knowledge in the capable dry-ice blasting units, which ASCO is producing in various models for the diverse markets. Already 15 years ago, ASCO has developed the dry-ice blasting technology ready for the market and has amended his products since then.

In a modern and bright industrial complex with lots of glass near the Bodensee, ASCO produces, selling and developing their dry-ice blasting units worldwide as well as their large offer of customized products. Further departments are located in France and New Zealand.

You will see that quality and functionality is themed in this house, by entering the company building in Romanshorn (Switzerland). There, for design and work environment a high value was set, as well as for the products itself.

Bright offices, bountiful productions- and bearing areas make a working atmosphere, which helped this label to success, as well as the typically balanced swiss character and the focussed employees.

At a detailed demonstration, which was especially held for our field worker, ACSCO proved the distinctive feature of the dry-ice blasting compared to conventional blasting-methods.

The non-abrasive mode of action is the main advantage of this method, for example if there has to be a cleaning of core boxes or tools. The moulds did not have to be dismantled nor cooled before the lavation.

The technology can be used all-purpose, regardless of die casting, grey cast iron, cold-box or hot-box. Gravity dies can be exempted nontoxic and eco-friendly from residuas.

Further advantage is, that this method is chemically inert, electrically non-conductive, incombustible not corrosive.

How does this technology work? Dry-ice is directly going from gel to aerial condition by ambient pressure without condensation. The dry-ice particles are accelerated to sonic velocity by blast and directly blasted on the parts, which have to be cleaned.

The coat, which has to be removed, is only locally overcooled and desolates by collision of the blasting material. Because of the thermal expansion co-efficients from the dirt-coat and the part, thermal clamping arises between both coats. They are causing the decisive micro-crack-formation in the dirt-coat. Subsequent dry-ice-particles infiltrate the brittle cracks and sublimate abrupt on the impact. The dry-ice is going to be aerially and is expanding its volume from the 700 to the 1000fold. There, the contaminant of the surface will be detonated.

Because dry-ice is very smooth, the surfaces won't be damaged. Even extremely sensible electrical-parts, like blank, are going to be cleaned with this method, whereas it is proved, that a damage of the blasting-material is very humble, and accordingly not given. Even tiniest geometrics could be dealt without removal or damage. Because the CO2 is going to be aerial after the impact, another advantage is, that after the conditioning no cleaning medium is dropped behind for disposal.

Dry-ice blasting is a brilliant blasting-method. This leads to the question about the pellets. Because dry-ice achieves more efficient and faster cleaning-results, if it is fresh, ASCO decided to offer two concepts, which clients could choose or combine.

On the one hand the acqusition of completed pellets is available on local dry-ice-deliverers and gas-companies. On the other hand a own production of dry-ice is offering by regularly consumption, so the company also delivers adequate dry-ice-machines with divers capacities.

According to Marco Pellegrino, the manager of DryIceBlasting by ASCO, the main opinion on both alternatives is the quality of the dry-ice dump-containers is essential. With the containers, an important contribution for the quality preservation between the products and the consumption of the pellets is set.

In Europe the theme dry-ice blasting is already associated with the label ASCOjet. Since the middle of this year, the north-american market will be conquered with their partner Grand Northern Products. Foundry-Planet is sure, that the rest of the world will follow this concept in the future.

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