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Four furnace chargers and a fully automatic charging plant.

ConviTec increasingly focuses on plant engineering:

In the summer 2015, ConviTec GmbH, Offenbach/M, delivered, installed and commissioned four furnace chargers, each equipped with weighing device, and a fully automatic charging plant, also including weighing device, for a Turkish customer.

The four furnace chargers, having a capacity of 16 t each, are based on a drive frame each with 4 load cells. Their evaluation is carried out by Siemens control, incl. SIWAREX, which is integrated in the charging vehicle.

Siemens IWLAN ensures signal exchange with the main control cabinet of the charging plant.

The scope of delivery of the charging plant comprises a group of 6 bunkers with ultrasound filling level sensors, having a magnetic feeder and discharge flap each. Underneath there are two mobile weighing devices with containers for the charging batch. Two precision laser distance sensors with SSI interface ensure precise positioning under the bunkers.

The scope of delivery also includes two charging cranes, which fill two charging troughs each and the 6 bunkers automatically. The drives of the cranes, not only for the stroke but also for longitudinal travel, are operated by means of a frequency converter. Two precision laser distance sensors with SSI interface ensure precise longitudinal positioning. An absolute encoder with SSI interface integrated in the crane control ensures the exact stroke.

Three PCs for recipe preselection, incl. log printer, provide control, monitoring and documentation of the respective batch.

The Turkish customer manufactured the steel construction incl. 6 bunkers for the charging plant according to ConviTec production drawings on his own account.

The plant works fully automatically after preselection and start-up of the recipe.

Visualisation with recipe preselection and monitoring

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