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Franklin Bronze Announces New Name, New Logo and New Website

Franklin Bronze Precision Components, a leading investment casting manufacturer, is pleased to announce the change of their name to Franklin Precision Castings. The new name is accompanied by a new logo and website.

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The rebrand comes from an initiative to reflect better who they are and position itself for growth. Franklin Precision Castings builds upon its Franklin heritage - while removing “Bronze” to capture its capabilities to cast parts beyond brass and bronze. The name is also shortened and renamed from Precision Components to Precision Castings for conciseness and to reflect specifically its investment casting offering.

The new name is accompanied by a new logo. The new logo symbolizes strength in automation and precision. Franklin stands strong and lends itself to a clean and contemporary feel. The "I" in Franklin visually represents the pouring cup and tree, and the hot red to orange gradient mimics the transformation of molten metals during the investment casting process. The evenly spaced lines evoke automation and technical expertise.

“The transition to Franklin Precision Castings reflects who we are today and our plans for the future of the business – supplying high quality investment castings to customers in industrial markets in a range of cast alloys,” states John Mangoyan, General Manager.

The new branding is also rolled out to a new website, The website reflects the new brand with an improved navigational experience, specific industry and alloy poured pages to showcase Franklin Precision Castings’ capabilities and expertise.

About Franklin Precision Castings

For nearly four decades, Franklin Precision Castings has been a trusted partner providing high-quality precision investment castings to customers in a variety of industries, including glass container, pumps and valves, oil and gas, mining, steel, food and metal processing, transportation, and beyond.

Franklin Precision Castings pours an extensive range of standard and custom stainless steel, nickel, cobalt, brass, bronze, Ni-Hard alloys to meet the needs of many complex cast subassemblies or assemblies. From in-house engineering, tool-building and machining at their state-of-the-art facility located in the United States, Franklin offers a comprehensive end-to-end investment casting solution from that sets them apart as industry leaders.

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