From casting to machining in one step - wishful thinking or reality?

Lianco tries to meet the demand, here with the example of LAF (Sabi Group)

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Most customers want a simple process in their automated fettling applications and the Lianco team has been pursuing this challenge from the beginning in order to turn this operation into a value-added process. It is simply a matter of removing unwanted, leftover material from a component that has been left over from the casting process.

20 years ago automatic grinding technology was not offering the same features in terms of flexibility, rigidity and power that are available nowadays, thus past applications have mainly been focused on removing extra material.

Now with the latest technical development the grinding machines can cover many operations in the same set up, giving customer the unique advantage of reducing the number of steps / machines required to go from casting to machining.

A good example of this great achievement is offered by Lianco Italian customer LAF (Sabi Group), who recently installed two automatic grinding machines model GS70 and GS80, equipped with:

  • 5 CNC controlled axis
  • 20 position tool magazine
  • a powerful 25 kW water cooled electro spindle
  • a laser measuring system
  • a chip conveyor for risers and small material evacuation

On both machines customer is performing several operations that are reducing the steps required to hand over the castings to the machining shop, specifically:

  • automatic riser cutting
  • complete grinding of flashes and gating
  • face grinding (creating parallel surfaces with very tight tolerance)
  • face milling (bringing the stock material left for machining to the minimum required)

This unique combination of multiple operations in the past carried on separately now performed in a single machine gives customer consistent saving in terms of:

  • total lead time
  • handling time
  • cost of fixturing
  • tool cost

enclosed video and pictures offer a brief overview of the application confirming that the dream of going from casting to machining in one set up is becoming more and more a reality for foundries choosing the right technology.

For further information or a visit to the installation just contact Lianco sale team.

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