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Fully automatic leak testing bench for a heat exchanger of a water-cooled iIntercooler – Another complete solution from innomatec

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innomatec is a leading manufacturer for leakage measurement computers, quick connectors, engineering services and complete test benches with production in Germany and a global service and sales support.

The task of a major automotive manufacturer was to get a fully automated leak testing bench, which allows first to supply the heat exchanger via goods carrier systems to the mass control unit, then check it in the leak testing station and finally prepare for further processing after the labelling station.

In order to achieve an automated solution for the process, a system has been developed which consists of several individual stations, a transfer belt with all necessary pre-stop, transverse movement, deflection systems and ejection units, a sorting module for components in “good” or “bad” with sorting by type of failure and 28 work-piece-carriers with components holder.

In detail, the testing process begins with the manual loading of the components on the workpiece carrier in the loading area with pre-stop. To get a constant defined test temperature, all parts pass through a cooling zone with air conditioner and an isolated enclosure. Then they automatically enter in the measurement control station. Here the part is automatically removed from the carrier and tested for its dimensional and linear accuracy. Here there is a first control in “good” and “bad” parts. Then, a pick-and-place system places the parts in one of the three leak testing stations.

In these stations, the connection holes are automatically adapted or closed and we perform a leakage test with differential pressure measurement method. The test cycle is less than 10 seconds.

If a component passed the test, it is automatically forwarded to the labelling station to be labelled and unloaded there. In the other case it is supplied to a restricted area with differentiation by fault type.

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