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Gauss consolidates its expertise further in automatic cells

for the production of gravity die-cast cylinder heads.
The Chinese company, Wuling, has started up the second system in the plant located in Liuzhou, Guangxi:
a flexible and innovative gravity die-casting cell, to support the production of minivans, pick-ups and mini cars.

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GAUSSGauss, a company that forms part of the Italpresse Group, is among the world's manufacturing leaders of automated gravity casting systems. With particular reference to the cylinder heads, several innovative systems have already been supplied to the PSA Peugeot-Citroen Group in France, to Montupet (no less than 11 cells in various European plants), to Kavian Baris in Iran, to Fonderie Mazzucconi in Italy, to Nemak in Mexico and to Chever in Turkey: all OEM suppliers of the major automotive manufacturers.

As well as to Wuling Motors in China, part of the joint venture between GM and Shanghai Automobile, manufacturer of over 1 million minivans and pick-ups a year.

Wuling launched the second Gauss system in October. The first was installed in 2007: a carousel with six positions, next to a platform with two furnaces and the relative pick-up/deposit with an automated loader, as well as a portal to pick the item up.

GAUSSThe new cell consists of a mixed system with two rotating tables, each having two casting machines plus a rotating table with two holding furnaces. In this case also, the item is picked up with an extraction portal, whereas the cores are inserted manually.

This particular layout, which is more compact, has been designed to satisfy space requirements inside the plant. The operator does not need to move continuously: he operates on four machines with no useless and wasteful movements.

The casting machine, manufactured by Gauss, has been adapted to the specific requirements of the dies and has the distinguishing feature of casting the cylinder head with the mould having a 90° tilting motion.

The cell allows high productivity: 11 heads per hour for each machine, resulting in 44 castings per hour. The diagnostics have been completed by an additional control of the process parameters displayed on a large panel that helps the operator read the most important values: e.g. the mould temperature or the number of items produced, etc.

Thanks to the total flexibility of the design, Gauss can satisfy the increasingly complex and challenging demands of the automotive industry. For example, even the PSA plant in Charleville has recently put iin prodution another particularly advanced Gauss casting cell: neither in line nor rotating table, in fact it consists of two machines, each equipped with two robots: one for the core setting, core handling and extraction of the item, and one for the casting.

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