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Gefond celebrates its 30th anniversary with industry entrepreneurs, customers, and suppliers

Gefond celebrates the company's 30th anniversary with industry entrepreneurs, customers, and suppliers and hosted a discussion with leading experts from Italian science and economy.

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For the celebration of 30 years of Gefond, Tiziana and Pierluigi Tronci, founders and CEOs of Gefond, invited well-known representatives from science and industry. The discussion was entitled “Scent of Gefond” and presented the values of Gefond: innovation, change, flexibility, passion, seriousness, reliability.

The participants of the discussion were Marina Brogi, economist, and professor at Sapienza University of Rome who was talking about general transition; followed by a video talk by Quattroruote news portal chief editor Gian Luca Pellegrini about technological transition to electric mobility; and finally, as third topic: change and continuity with journalist and RAI correspondent Roberto Rasia.

“Our path looks forward, and our work has led us to grow”, Pierluigi Tronci

“This celebration is not meant to be a celebration of the past, but a look toward the future. Because we can and must always improve. Our path looks forward, and our work has led us to grow, and I am sure it will continue to do so in the future”, so Gefond founder Pierluigi Tronci.

The speech by Tiziana Tronci, a member of the Board of Directors and head of New Product Development at Gefond, urged attention to the need to adapt and transform “the companies” (leading suppliers in the Italian diecasting industry) in the wake of the many changes in the market and the world “to remain true to our history and values”, so Tronci. “We can think outside the box and see today's challenging, uncertain, and complicated market situation as best accommodating a mindset toward change”, Tronic stated.

Continuity represents the common thread of the entrepreneurial history of Gefond

In her speech, Tronci also emphasized that continuity represents the common thread of the entrepreneurial history of Gefond. “We have cultivated strong relationships, honed our skills, and built a reputation based on quality and reliability. Change represents our ability to explore new frontiers, continue to adopt cutting-edge technologies and challenge the status quo. Continuity gives us solidity and roots, while change gives us the agility we need to stay relevant. That's why we talk about “Scent of Gefond” - a scent that makes us inspire and inspire continuity and change”, so Tronci.

About Gefond

Founded in 1994, Gefond represents leading suppliers in the die casting industry and distributes technologically advanced equipment for light alloy foundries working mainly for the automotive industry. In 2016, after closely following the family business, Tiziana Tronci, daughter of owner and founder Pierluigi Tronci, actively joined the company. After many years of international experience in communication and marketing in other sectors, she took on the role of board member and new product development manager. 2018 saw the start of the development of the predictive maintenance software Perpetuo developed by Gefond in collaboration with T4SM - Tools for Smart Minds, a leading company in the creation of predictive maintenance algorithms for over 20 years in other industries. In 2020, it acquired the patent and know-how from Greenbox on temperature control units and started its own production with HPDC by Gefond to be closer and more flexible to customer needs.


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