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<font size="3">Aluminum Rocker legs reduce maintenance and downtime</font>

<font size="2">There are many ways to increase the machine life of vibratory equipment. One of those ways is to convert your equipment to aluminum rocker legs from General Kinematics. Aluminum rocker legs reduce the vibrating mass of the unit you are shaking, so it takes less energy to run your equipment. Aluminum is also proven to dissipate heat quickly, which cools the easy replaceable bushings, significantly extending their service life. Rocker legs are available in most popular sizes to fit your application. </font>

<font size="2">General Kinematics leads the way in vibratory equipment design and solutions based engineering for the foundry industry. GK helps customers around the world address a wide range of strategic solutions to increase casting throughput and foundry profitability.</font>

<font size="2"><strong><font size="3">New VIBRA-CLEAN™ Media Drum Reduces Scrap</font></strong></font>

<font size="2">General Kinematics, the leading supplier of vibratory process solutions to the foundry industry, introduces its new VIBRA-CLEAN™ media drum. The patented VIBRA-CLEAN media drum uses gentle vibratory action to scrub parts clean. This gentle scrubbing action cleans your castings without damage from tumbling, which reduces scrap. The Vibra-Clean's natural frequency design means it can be placed into your current facility without costly foundation work, and the low horsepower design will reduce energy consumption.</font>

<font size="2"><font size="3"><strong>Sand Processing Machinery saves castings from damage.</strong></font></font>

<font size="2">VIBRA-DRUM® sand and casting processors are suited for high-volume mold/sand handling in foundry applications. In one continuous operation, this 2-mass system removes sand and tramp metal without damaging castings, reduces sand lumps to original grain size, and equalizes shakeout sand temperature. Non-rotating design features natural frequency vibration, high-frequency agitation, and 2-mass vibrating drums that deliver capacities to 400 TPH.</font>

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