GER - BMW is building a high-tech Additive Manufacturing Campus

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Von: Thomas Fritsch Chief Editor

BMW wants to focus on additive manufacturing in a planned 3D printing unit - the "Druckwerk" - in Oberschleißheim, near Munich. Tenneco and Magna already have two well-established BMW partners on the site, and about €10 million is to be invested. It is expected that the operation will open in the first quarter of next year, at the latest in June. 80 employees are to be employed on 6000 square meters.

BMW is sticking to the "Druckwerk" and wants to concentrate on its technological competence in the field of additive manufacturing.

Lightweight components of high stability
Additive manufacturing is commonly equated with 3D printing. Car parts are molded from different materials - from plastics, metal and composites - as is the case today with the new BMW i8 Roadster. Compared to conventional methods, 3D-printed components have less weight and significantly higher stability. The design of the components, based on natural constructions, is optimized for 3D printing. According to BMW, the new components are to be produced in small quantities as well as in series.

As corporate spokeswoman Carolin Seidel emphasized, BMW does not focus solely on research and production of 3D printing processes in the "Druckwerk", and tells us to "Imagine it like a campus."
In collaboration with universities, BMW wants to train employees on the site. An interdisciplinary training and project area is planned for development engineers.