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GER - Crankshaft measuring station MarShaft MAN combines tactile and optical metrology, matrix camera measures characteristics within seconds

The production quality of crankshafts can now be tested more quickly and comprehensively. The shaft measuring station MarShaft MAN from the application specialist Mahr now offers an optical sensor in addition to a tactile probe. This allows geometry characteristics to be measured in seconds, which are not detectable tactilely.

The quality assurance of crankshafts has entered a new era. The proven crankshaft measuring station MarShaft MAN from Mahr now has a matrix camera in addition to the tactile probe. This enables manufacturing enterprises to quickly and accurately determine all the relevant features on crank-shafts up to 220 mm in diameter in one single setting.

The matrix camera in conjunction with the evaluation software enables the measurement of geometry elements that previously could not be traced or evaluated with the contact probe. Now grooves, chamfers, radii, lines, as well as the intersection of straight lines can be reliably checked. With the optical measuring method, the contour is depicted on the camera chip using the shadow-casting technique and displayed as a large live image on the monitor. In order to achieve more speed in quality assurance, a quick measurement function evaluates at the same time several characteristic results within seconds.

The Mahr machine is designed for direct use in the production line and can be easily operated without any previous knowledge of metrology. The operator controls the machine via icons on the MarCheck measurement computer. It lets the camera travel to the point of measurement, by pressing a button it displays the camera image on the large monitor, immediately sees the measuring results and can document them with the touch of a button. In addition to the crankshaft measuring station, Mahr also offers the MarShaft MAN for gears and camshafts.

Source: www.messmittelpunkt.com

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