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GER - Handtmann Dubai Airshow

From November 17–21 during the Dubai Airshow, Handtmann will present its product portfolio and process solutions on stand 833 to focus on horizontal machining.

The company specialises in 5-axis HPC/HSC machining centres and offers four product lines: profile machining centres PBZ, moving high portal machining centres Gantry, universal machining centres UBZ and horizontal machining centres HBZ). Handtmann says it covers a wide range of applications in the aerospace industry.

The HBZ product line (5-axis horizontal machining centres) has especially been designed for facing all the needs of aircraft suppliers in terms of most productive machining of structural parts in particular.

The HBZ AeroCell with pallet sizes from 4 x 2 up to 7 x 2m, meanwhile even 5 x 2.5m and spindle power up to 156kW and 30,000rpm and travel speed of 80/80/80m/min in X, Y, Z is particularly convincing international customers with its integrated pallet changing system and the impressively high material removal rates over 41kg/min. To increase customers’ productivity and flexibility additional automated solutions can be installed as for example an automation linking several machines with each other and storing the pallets in one pallet rack.

Also the HBZ CompactCell series with tables sized 2 x 1 up to 4 x 1m for smaller workpieces shows great success with installations at various international aerospace suppliers’ facilities. The customers are predominantly impressed by the high performance (cutting volume up to 7.8litre in aluminium) and in consequence by the resulting decline in costs per unit, which the compact 5-axis horizontal machining centre allows on only a small footprint. Powers are up to 81kW and 30,000rpm with travel speed 60/40/60m/min. A pallet automation on rails allows to notably reduce costly downtimes.

The latest innovation for more productivity in aluminium and also in steel and titanium machining of small workpieces on table diameters (NC rotary-swivel table) of 800, 1200 and 1600mm is the HBZ Trunnion series.

With this machine Handtmann transferred the advantages of 5-axis horizontal machining and all the experience gained with the horizontal machining centres in aerospace and made them available for smaller workpieces, also. A wide range of possible spindles offers the customer the flexibility to choose exactly the spindle, which is best suitable for the material to be machined in order to attain the best possible productivity. As the machine design is impressively rigid dynamic and fast machining with either high torque spindles available up to 1,010Nm or high power spindles with up to 30,000rpm is possible with the HBZ Trunnion. Options such as turning and pallet automation complete the innovative machine design. Automated solutions also provide the linkage of several machines and storage of various pallets in a rack.
The main advantage of the horizontally positioned spindle is the vertical drop down of chips and coolants. This reduces cycle times, optimises the workpiece quality and extends the tool life time.

Handtmann says the aerospace industry is the sector its horizontal machining centres have been designed for.


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