GER - Investor in Aluminum Rheinfelden in sight - solution is emerging!

For the ailing Aluminum Rheinfelden Holding, which is in the preliminary insolvency and protective shield proceedings, better times could soon dawn again. As the "Oberbadische Zeitung" reports, it could be that the investor who is saving has been found.

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The insolvency manager Detlev Specovius is still holding back with a specific confirmation, but the information is growing that the Russian company Rusal is about to take over Aluminum Rheinfelden.

That would be great news for the entire region, because absolute specialists for high-quality cast alloys were at work in Rheinfelden, and in addition to the know-how there are a lot of patents that make the company interesting for investors.

It is hoped that the deal will be concluded quickly so that employees and customers can regain planning security and perspective.


Source: Oberbadische Zeitung 


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