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GER - Jenoptik sells 3D laser machines to German car manufacturers

Jenoptik reports that the company has sold 3D laser machines with an approximate value of EUR 10 million to German car manufacturers.

These 3D laser machines are used in new production processes, such as for the manufacture of for example, the contour trimming of structural components for electric cars.

In a press release Jenoptik announces that German car manufacturers (unnamed but described as ‘leading’) and automotive suppliers have ordered several laser systems with a combined value of approximately EUR 10 million in the past few weeks

The components produced by these machines are used to implement new car body platforms, which are necessary to protect battery units and to comply with the CO2 targets.

The machines and the processes were first comprehensively tested by customers in the Jenoptik application centre. The use of laser is proven to be a flexible and fast high-quality tool, especially for new lightweight materials, such as aluminium die casting as well as for ultra-high strength steel.

The JENOPTIK-VOTAN BIM laser systems enable the machining of complex metal and plastic parts. Jenoptik has continuously developed the concept, in which the laser beam is guided inside the robotic arm. Based on this technology the latest system generation, which were sold here, has several 3D laser processing robots operating in parallel.


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