GER/ US - Brevini Wind 3mw Gearbox Successfully Passed Prototype Test

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The prototype test results in Hamina, Finland, where WinWinD's 3 MW wind turbine factory is located, confirmed the excellent performance of the Brevini Wind 3 MW gearbox. The gearbox will operate in the new WinWinD 3 turbine, a three megawatt onshore turbine with a rotor diameter of up to 120 meters. With a weight of 35 tons, the Brevini Wind gearbox is 25 percent lighter than the gearbox used in the previous WinWinD 3 MW turbine. WinWinD expressed its highest level of satisfaction with the performance and the very low noise level of the Brevini Wind gearbox throughout testing.

An important advantage of the new gearbox design is found in reduced weight and size. The compact gearbox design enables a reduction in the dimension of the nacelle by 30 percent allowing an overall reduction in weight and cost of the WinWinD 3 turbine. Consequently, the new WinWinD 3 turbine is much lighter than comparable turbines of the same class. Erection of the prototype is underway at Raahe, Finland and the field test is scheduled to start by the end of February.

WinWinD 3 is a completely new 3 MW utility class wind turbine taking the integrated power unit concept to a new level. It offers exceptional productivity and reliability in all wind classes. With a new 120 m rotor diameter, the turbine sets new productivity standards even for low wind speed sites. The substantially lighter nacelle weight reduces cost and erection time.

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