Global casting output put at 100 mt

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Chennai (India) - The global casting production has almost touched the 100 million-tonne (mt) mark in 2007. The industry has broken the 90 million-tonne mark in 2006 to end at 91.4 million tonne. With the growth of 6.6% in ferrous castings and 10% growth in non-ferrous castings, the casting production would have crossed the 100 million-tonne mark, according to a latest census on World Casting Production. According to the census, China leads the pack of 32 countries with a total production capacity of over 29 mt, followed by the US with 12,500 mt. India stands fourth after Japan with 7.2 mt.

India’s production has more than doubled in the last three to four years and the country surpassed the US in grey iron production, the census pointed out.The US and Russia were fighting in the 60s and 70s for the top slot and were together producing 20 mt out of the total 63 mt in the 1960s.