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The Press Conference of the global exhibition events was held by Productivity Promotion Center of Foundry Industry of China in Beijing.

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In order to promote the communication of global foundry industry, and expand the global influence of casting exhibition programs, Productivity Promotion Center of Foundry Industry of China held a grand press conference for the global exhibition events on May 17th, 2018, in the 1st Conference Room of Days Hotel Beijing New Exhibition Center in Peking.

More than 60 attendees from domestic and foreign associations of foundry industry, foundry industry media, and leading enterprises participated in the conference. This grand conference was reported by around 20 industry media onsite.

National demonstration productivity promotion center: Productivity Promotion Center of Foundry Industry of China
Productivity Promotion Center of Foundry Industry of China was approved by Ministry of Science and Technology China, and established in 1998. As national demonstration productivity promotion center, it provides systemic service to the whole industry, and aims at promoting the development and technological progress of Chinese foundry industry. The business of the center covers published journals, industry conferences and exhibitions, international exchanges and cooperation, commendation and reward, talent training, qualification confirmation, consulting services, revision of national standard and industry standard system, and etc.

The conference and exhibition brands of the center include domestic projects, such as CHINA DIECASTING (China International Diecasting Congress & Exhibition), CHINA NONFERROUS (China Nonferrous Alloys & Special Casting Exhibition), CHINACAST (China Foundry Congress & Industry Exhibition), as well as the first overseas self-owned exhibition, METAL AP (Asia-Pacific Metal industrial exhibition).

Global events network: interchange advanced technologies between China and the world
The Deputy Director of Productivity Promotion Center of Foundry Industry of China, Mr. Liu Hongchao thanked all the guests for their presence, and said: "Along with the advancement of global integration, Productivity Promotion Center of Foundry Industry of China is cooperating with industry organizations and trade show organizers from Europe, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, China Taiwan, China Hong Kong and other countries and regions, and forming a global exhibition network. Aiming at introducing advanced technology to China, and lead Chinese companies and products to the world, since 2012 the center has joined hands with NürnbergMesse GmbH to build the global network for die casting exhibitions, as well as to offer Chinese companies exhibition service of Europe, China, India, and Mexico.

Global die casting events are going ahead hand in hand
Since its foundation in 1997, CHINA DIECASTING (China International Diecasting Congress & Exhibition) has developed into the brand event in the global die casting industry and become an annual platform for releasing new products trends. CHINA DIECASTING 2018 will be expanded to three halls with the area of 36,900 square meters, and is expected to attract 380 exhibitors and 18,000 trade visitors. “The rapid growth of CHINA DIECASTING reflects the huge potential of the development Chinese die casting industry. The three-day exhibition will gather the leading brands, products and technologies from the whole world. More than 10 onsite accompanying events focus on diversified hot topics, and provide solutions to the current market demands.” said Ms. Feng Qi, Project Director of NürnbergMesse China Co., Ltd.

Self-owned brand project, METAL AP is expanding Southeast Asia market
As the center's first independent overseas exhibition brand, METAL AP (Asia-Pacific Metal industrial exhibition) will be held in September 2018, in Bangkok, Thailand. METAL AP covers four themes including die casting, casting, industrial furnace and metallurgy, and aiming at the metal industry market in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Currently METAL AP is the only one exhibition focusing on die casting and casting topics in Southeast Asia. "The 600 million demographic in Southeast Asia has given birth to the great potential of the metal industry," said Ms. Bao Linlin, manager of METAL AP project, “With annual production of 2 million vehicles, Thailand has become a manufacturing base in Southeast Asia, and the recent China-Thailand high-speed train project is also driving the development of casting parts and components. As Thailand's industry 4.0 releases, more foreign capital and technology will open a new chapter in Thailand's metal industry. China will also get more opportunities to output technologies and high-end equipment in the basic metal manufacturing fields, such as die casting, casting, industrial furnace and metallurgy. As the first stop of "going oversea", we will provide one-stop service to Chinese enterprises to expand the Southeast Asian market.”

Technology comes first for foundry core manufacturing capacity
The "core manufacturing capacity" is mentioned more frequently in the manufacturing industry. Independent research and development of core technology, as well as preemption of cutting edge technology has become the focus of casting enterprises. China Foundry Congress, which has been known as the "foundry learning camp", has been held for 17 editions in all over China since its establishment. "This year the foundry conference will pay more focus on the global communication and practical cases introduction of advanced manufacturing countries, also will give everybody the chance to learn more about the rapid development in some foundry industry areas.” said the Project Manager Ms. Wang Yunxia, “The technology of high-end casting and key parts, green casting, safety and environmental protection and other hot topics will be designed in the conference’s program. The new high-pressure casting forum will provide more solutions to the industry's focus on intelligent manufacturing, lightweight, new energy and other fields.

Under the environmental protection trend, the foundry enterprises are transforming and upgrading
The emergence of environmental protection issues has led more and more foundry enterprises to look at their own production standards and development direction, as well as seek further transformation and upgrading solutions. Relying on the authoritative academic exchange platform of China Foundry Congress, CHINACAST (China Foundry Industry Exhibition) focuses on "new materials, new technologies and new technologies", and is dedicated to building a great exhibition of casting industry.

The project manager Ms. Cao Xiumei introduced to us: "2018 CHINACAST focuses on the current hot spots, like green environmental protection. The “Green Environmental Protection Development Forum”, which will be held onsite together with the exhibition, will invite experts and technology leaders from government and green production enterprises, to share environmental management experience and the latest technology, as well as to interpret environmental protection policy. At the same time at the exhibition, there will be “Green Environmental Protection Area” which focuses on the environmental protection solutions of foundry enterprises, so that enterprises could deal with the environmental inspection smoothly.

Growing up with the enterprises
The representative enterprise of casting industry – AGS, is growing together with the center. The General Manager Mr. Yu Yongji talked about the experiences of cooperation with the center: “The cooperation with the center gives us the feel that the center focuses on practical production, agrees with industry development theme, and the professional service spirit is to impress many enterprises. AGS and the center share common values and are willing to contribute to the development of the industry! The goal of good industry ecological environment also needs enterprises to unite together to achieve!

"The trend of future industry events must be mutually beneficial cooperation," said Ms. Feng Qi, Project Director of NürnbergMesse China Co., Ltd., “With years of sincere cooperation, NürnbergMesse GmbH and Productivity Promotion Center of Foundry Industry of China have invested a lot of effort on how to link the global die casting events better. From this, we can see that all the projects are making progress.” CHINA DIECASTING, together with EUROGUSS in Germany, ALUCAST in India, and EUROGUSS goes Mexico, the global die casting events share resources with each other and create a valuable network for the global die casting industry.

After the release of the projects, the participants communicated with each other and hoped that the foundry industry would prosper!


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