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Good Bye and Thank You for your support during the year

It’s time to say good bye!

Dear IIF Family and Foundrymen !

It has been an honour and privilege to serve as your President during this past year. Journey which started as a kid and after that as an ordinary member on 16th Sept,1993 is coming to an end after 35 years at the highest position of the Institute. I have enjoyed every minute of my association with IIF from Chapter Council Member to the Presidentship and felt inspired every moment. I feel that I have gained more from IIF than what I have given in past 25 years of membership and 35 years of association. At the commencement of my Presidentship, I wished to visit all of our Chapters. However, I could visit only 14 Chapters out of 26. While visiting the Chapters and attending various programmes, I was amazed by the strength of our common bond, passion for this organisation and our shared goals. This affinity is the reason behind IIF’s flag flying high since 1950. The depth of experience in some leading luminaries, who volunteer their time here, is unparalleled. They not only run successful foundries, but also pa ticipate wholeheartedly in IIF activities, taking great pains in making every IIF activity hugely successful. I am inspired to see an entirely new generation of members and foundrymen at almost all major locations taking our institute to the next level.

For me, the value of the organisation lies in bringing together our industries. In the last one year, we have embarked on the journey to be a strong organisation. We have firmly positioned ourselves ahead of the growth curve. It was accomplished through a combination of structural improvements, continuing emphasis on leveraging our strengths and added thrust on member focus.

In this journey of creating foundries of tomorrow, it was my passion to transform IIF into a “Responsive, Robust and Rising” platform that addresses all the pressing needs of our members, and through them of the foundry industry. I could not be more pleased with hard-working, passionate and innovative NC Members and Regional & Chapter Office bearers, IIF Directors and Staff by my side. Whatever we have accomplished during the year, the credit belongs to them.

In addition to wonderful partnerships and a highly successful 66th Indian Foundry Congress, below are some highlights from this past year:

Change of Mindset – Efforts were put to bring new thought process into the industry

Mission Zero Defect: 4 - Study Tours, 15 - Defect Clinics

Green Foundry Drive: Green Foundry Column in IFJ, Energy Audits, Photo & Drawing Competition

Safe Foundry Drive: Distribution of Safety Posters

Putting IIF on Digital platform – Indian Foundry Apps, Foundry Biz Mantraz, Daily Inspiration, YouTube Channel, Facebook and LinkedIn page.

AluCon & AluTalk – For the first time, a separate conference for Aluminium - AluCon was launched during 66th IFC. Ahmedabad, Kolhapur and Chennai Chapters organised AluTalk – evening lectures and seminar on Aluminium Castings.

Indian Foundry Journal – With the help of Editor and Editorial Board, total redesign of Indian Foundry Journal was carried out from July, 2017 issue. Theme based issues with new columns like Green Foundry Drive and Management Articles were launched. New Look and Feel is very much appreciated by the members.
Standardisation in Branding – IIF Logo has been improved upon. Logos for all the Chapters, CoEx, various activities were created. Standardisation of presentations, banner, backdrops, stationery at all the levels were carried out. National Theme logo was popularised and incorporated in all the stationeries. Chapters and regions supported the move and almost 85% Standardisation in branding was achieved.

International Presence – IIF hosted BRICS Foundry Forum and for current year, it was offered presidentship. IIF represented the Indian Foundry industry at Asia Foundry Forum and Metal China.

Infrastructure – New offices in Ahmedabad and Delhi (under construction) and renovation of Kolhapur and Western Region offices have taken place during the year.

Annual Sponsorship Concept – First time annual sponsorship was mobilised for national level activities of IIF.

Doodle Diary & Annual Activity Time Table – Doodle Diary containing important information regarding day-to-day working guidelines for Office Bearers was released for the first time. Similarly, whole year’s national activities were planned in advance and published in the IFJ and Doodle Diary. Almost 90% activities have been carried out, as scheduled.

Communication – Daily Inspiration, IIF Calendar, WhatsApp Groups and messages were key to communicate and keep connected with the members.

I had dreamt big and impossible, planned a lot, tried hard and achieved half. That’s the rule of nature. However, I believe, it is certainly better than thinking small and remaining in comfort zone.

The above was made possible due to the hard work and strong support of our entire IIF family. I want to personally extend a big thank you to the National Council Members, Past Presidents, Committee Chairs and Regional & Chapter Office Bearers for their contributions; all of our amazing speakers throughout the year at different events and our generous sponsors. Directors and secretariat staff at head office, Centres of Excellence, Regions and Chapters were key in implementing various projects and whatever my team could achieve during the year, was possible due to their untiring hard work and unstinted co-operation. I also would like to thank my friends and mentors for their encouragement and guidance.

Your support, empathy, and unwavering belief that Amish could and would do great things has been a beacon of hope and a challenge that I have constantly striven to meet and deliver. Thank you for the remarkable year of warmth, friendship, and support. I absolutely couldn’t have done it without you.

I would like to conclude by saying that in the corporate world, leaders are characterised as being either builders or sustainers. I feel I have performed both, built up new energy in the membership and the Institute and sustained the 67 years old legacy.

During my taking over speech I quoted and promised, what Mr N Narayanmurthy said, “You become star not because of your title, you become a star because you are adding value to the organisation.” And that’s what

Me and my team promised to all of you - adding value to IIF, adding value to foundry industry in next 365 days. That’s our commitment. I hope that as President I have fulfilled my commitment and promise to the members and Indian foundry industry and have been able to justify the confidence reposed in me by the National Council. Holding office as IIF President was wonderful and learning time and I wish the incoming team of National Office Bearers good luck in their endeavours to continue building The Institute of Indian Foundrymen.

Thank you once again for the opportunity to lead this great organisation !

Let’s Cast It together – Mission Zero Defect !

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