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Great interest in Aalen Foundry Colloquium

With an estimated 270 participants at the Aalen Foundry Colloquiem, this turn out clearly displayed the strength in interest of the foundry colloquium that took place in Aalen, Germany on the 15th and 16th of May 2013. About a third of the participants were from foundries of the major automobile manufacturers and their suppliers.

“The potential and the efficiency of salt cores castings”, a project of the University of Aalen carried out in cooperation Bühler AG, was a much discussed topic through out the whole event. Speakers explained into detail about the efficiency of salt cores in die casting work and its economic viabilty. It's only now time to meet the expectations of the industry and to find partners for a first series production. The technique of salt cores opened up completely new possibilities for new  components which were very little considered in the past.

The presentation of the global standardization of manufacturing concepts within the Volkswagen Group, was a topic of intense interest among the informative presentations. This clearly laid out the current challenges of the global production process and what kind of adjustments are necessary for foundries to focus on, such as the standardization of die casting tools at all company locations.

Finally, the current research topics of the university were presented, which are exciting subjects that concern us for the future: Below is following presentation overview.


  • Center of Excellence for Aluminum and Magnesium Castings in the Volkswagen Group - the global challenge for the standardization of production concepts
    Prof. Dr. Hans-Helmut Becker, Dr.-Ing. Raymond Roesch Volkswagen AG, Baunatal

  • Innovation potential salt cores, challenges for series production applications in cast aluminum
    Dipl.-Ing. Michael Schey decker Daimler AG, Ulm

  • Salt cores - new perspectives for the cast
    Aschmann Bernard Bühler AG, Uzwil

  • An economic analysis of using salt cores in the die casting
    Georg Habel Bocar S.A., Mexico

  • Simulation-based prediction of survival probability of lost salt cores in the die casting
    Dipl.-Ing. Burkhard Fuchs AUDI AG, Ingolstadt

  • Ejection of nuclei in castings by high pressure water blasting equipment
    Rainer Bardtenschläger RST, Hamminkeln

  • Innovations in the use of vacuum systems in the cast
    Dominik Baumgartner Fondarex SA, Switzerland

  • HFC fluid to clean casting machines - Experience with flow filtration
    Dr. Olaf Schmidt CCJENSEN Hennemann GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg

  • Current and emerging topics Aalen University:
    Hollow structures in the cast by injection of gas and salt cores
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lothar H. Kallien

  • The yielding behavior of die-cast zinc alloy
    Dipl.-Phys. Walter Leis

  • Ferrous, hypereutectic Al-Si alloy pressure die
    Dr.-Ing. Alexander Baesgen

  • Energy value stream analysis on the example of a foundry
    M.B.A. Closely. Timo Stock

  • MUSIC - a new EU project to optimize the die casting
    M. Eng. Martina Winkler

  • CCMSE - Final Report
    Dipl.-Phys. Walter Leis

  • Low-turbulence mold filling by back pressure in the first phase
    B. Eng. Valentin Scholz

  • MAGIT - magnesium structural parts with injection of gas in the hot chamber process
    B. Eng. Marcel Becker

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