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H2O optimises VACUDEST® vacuum distillation systems.

DestControl® reduces cost

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Rinsing water from surface finishing processes is often low in pH. Prior to feeding this water into conventional vacuum distillation systems it required up to date pH adaption in continuous feed neutralisation systems. DestControl® measures the pH in the distillate and controls set points by feeding caustic soda directly into the heat exchanger of the vacuum distillation system. Thus the continuous feed neutralisation system is not required any more. This reduces investment cost and space required for the installation of the system. Lower labour involved and optimised caustic soda consumption reduces operating cost. Thus DestControl® is saving money.

Due to post reactions inside the heat exchanger of the vacuum distillation system the pH can be reduced below limits, even if set properly in the upstream continuous feed neutralisation system. DestControl® avoids this because it controls the pH where it matters, in the distillate. Thus DestControl® is creating higher operating safety.

DestControl® keeps the distillate pH constant and ensures observation of set points and legal limits, be it because the distillate is disposed of into the public sewer system or reused in the production process. Process data are stored for several weeks and can be used for reporting to authorities if required. Thus DestControl® is reducing workload and cutting cost. DestControl® can be retrofitted to existing systems if required.

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