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Halberg Expands Compacted Graphite Iron Capacity for High Volume Series Production

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  • New System 3000 installation at Halberg Leipzig foundry
  • Upgrade of existing SinterCast System 2000 to full System 3000 standard
  • High volume series production for commercial vehicle cylinder blocks and heads

Halberg Guss, one of the world’s leading automotive foundry groups, has ordered an upgrade of its existing CGI process control system and an additional new System 3000 from the Swedish process control specialist SinterCast. The commissioning is scheduled for summer 2013, coinciding with the installation of increased liquid metal holding capacity at the Leipzig foundry. The two System 3000 installations are required to increase Halberg’s CGI capacity and productivity in advance of increased production demand. The Halberg Leipzig foundry has been in production of CGI engine components for commercial vehicles since 2010 and currently has two heavy-duty CGI cylinder blocks in series production. The investment in increased CGI capability has been made to meet the potential near term demand for more than 15,000 tonnes per year of CGI commercial vehicle components.

“Building on our heritage as the first foundry in the world to support the series production of a Compacted Graphite Iron cylinder block, beginning with the Audi 3.3 litre V8 in 1999, and our CGI series production experience in both our Brebach and Leipzig foundries, we have made this strategic investment to support the needs of our customers and to position Halberg as one of the world’s leading CGI providers” said Mr Matthias Schwabbauer, Managing Director of Halberg Guss.

“We are pleased that Halberg’s successful CGI series production experience has led to this opportunity for repeat business, providing a clear endorsement of our technology and technical service” said Dr. Steve Dawson, President & CEO of SinterCast. “Halberg’s commitment to increased CGI capacity provides another important indication of the growing demand for CGI, both in the passenger vehicle and the commercial vehicle markets.”

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